Our Services

Our Services

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For our same-day service, shipments received before 10:00am are guaranteed to be delivered to selected airport cities.


Our Domestic Economy Service has been specifically designed to suit both individual and corporate organisations.


Our international express service delivers time sensitive documents and parcels nationwide to over 200 countries..


Haulage (Bulk Truck Transportation), Spot Hire (VIP and other Personnel Movement), Vehicle Leasing (All embracing Logistics and support Services), Transportation Department Management Contracts.

Marine/Rig Move Services

F&R Shipment Resources Ltd specializes in Swamp and Offshore support services. Our services include the provision of marine equipment and management

Pipes/Tubing Services

Tanks and Structural Fabrication, Hot Tap In-Situ Welding, Hydro Test and Pressure Management of Fabricated Pipes Spools, Pipes and Vessels Installation Works